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app-logoOnce Jodie Shield’s kids left the nest and kept texting “Mom how do you make your banana bread or lemon chicken?“ she decided it was time for an app!

Now the app she created has over 70 recipes and is growing every day.  The response to it has been incredible.

Time to Eat Healthy is like having a personal chef and a nutritionist in your kitchen whipping up a homemade meal like mom use to make – only healthier and more aligned with your lifestyle goals. All of the recipes are delicious, quick and easy to prepare and lack the excessive calories, fat, sugar, and salt of traditional comfort foods.

Every recipe is a classic comfort food that’s been lightened up without losing flavor – blueberry muffins, guacamole, lemon chicken, lasagna, chocolate brownies. New ones are added regularly! Simplified prep steps accommodate all cooking skills from beginner to advanced and are guaranteed to get you out of the kitchen fast and feeling good about what you ate.

You save time by using the app’s personalized smart shopping list based directly off the recipes and any ingredients you want to add.  Mark your favorites and in minutes you can create a weeks worth of menus with a shopping list in hand.

No fancy tools required and ingredients easily found at your local supermarket.  The app has the advantage of making it easy to prepare simple meals at home with whole ingredients. The result is food you can feel good about eating.

Time to Eat Healthy available now for $1.99 in the US. Available worldwide in English, in the Apple App Store.

Download a copy for your iPhone or iPad here:

Many of the recipes are featured here on my blog and my Pinterest boards.

Post a recipe or app review! Love to hear from you!