Adults Featured Healthy News Kids — 18 June 2012


By: Jodie Shield, RD

What makes kids happy at birthday parties?  For some it’s the chocolate cake smothered in vanilla ice cream.  For others it’s the goodie bags bulging with candy.  While these tasty treats are fine to eat every once in awhile, kids can get overloaded with sweets if they attend birthday parties too often – my little niece and nephew seem to be at a birthday bash every week!

In honor of my son, J.J., who is turning 22 this Wednesday, my next several blogs will be about hosting healthier birthday parties.  So before planning your child’s next celebration, check out my party ideas and recipes for healthier theme cakes.  You’ll find ways to make your festivities a little less sugary, a tad healthier, and a lot more fun.  So let me ask, how often do your kids attend birthday parties?

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