Healthy News — 29 October 2010


By: Jodie Shield, RD

Someone’s in the kitchen . . . but not for long!  Here are some more time-saving tips to help you make a healthy dinner for your family at least five nights a week – hopefully every night.

Plan for left-overs.  Turn the flank steak you had on Monday into fajitas wrapped in whole-grain tortillas the next night.  Or use leftover chicken to make a great stir-fry.

Combine what you’re cooking.  Save yourself steps and time whenever you can.  Make boiling water do double duty.  First add pasta, then throw in frozen veggies for the last few minutes.  Or prepare chicken tenders and rice together in the same skillet.

Double your recipes, double your fun.  When you’re cooking lasagna, make an extra batch to stash in the freezer for another night’s dinner.  Or when you’re cleaning and cutting fresh vegetables, bag and freeze some for the following week.  Another smart idea is to make enough pasta for two days.  Serve it hot with meat sauce one night, then chilled with tuna in a salad the next.  Or make two meals at once by grilling a couple of chicken breasts with teriyaki sauce and a few others with barbecue sauce; one night you can have an Oriental stir-fry, another night a southern barbecue.

Prepare some items in advance.  As you’re waiting for those noodles to boil, cut up the chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Place the chicken in plastic bags with a marinade, and it’ll be ready to grill when you get home the next day.

Now you know some of my favorite dinner short cuts.  Next week, look for several of my family’s favorite dinner recipes – – they’re perfect for families who want to eat quick and healthy meals together five or more nights a week!

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