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Top Three Teas to Relieve Stress
By: Jodie - 14 April 2017 - 0 Comments

Sip your stress away with these relaxing herbal teas. Guest Post By: Skyler Huspen, Dominican University Nutrition Student It’s 10 p.m. The baby has finally stopped crying. The dishes are finally done. Your head [...]

How to Cook Perfect Easter Eggs
By: Jodie - 07 April 2017 - 0 Comments

Hop to it and steam those eggs! By: Jodie Shield, RDN I love decorating Easter eggs and I love eating them, too. But I can’t stand eating hard-boiled eggs with green yolks. Worse yet, [...]

5 Tips For Healthier Toaster Waffles
By: Jodie - 25 March 2017 - 0 Comments

Transform ordinary toaster waffles into an extraordinary breakfast! By: Jodie Shield, RD March 25th is International Waffle Day! If you’re too busy to whip up a batch of homemade whole wheat waffles, go ahead [...]

Linguine with White Clam Sauce
By: Jodie - 25 March 2017 - 1 Comment

By: Jodie Shield, RDN One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to eat more seafood and to use more  fresh ingredients. Here is a recipe for Linguine with White Clam Sauce that [...]

Grilled Reuben
By: Jodie - 17 March 2017 - 0 Comments

  The classic Reuben sandwich gets a healthy makeover! By: Jodie Shield, RDN Reubens are the ultimate lunch or dinner comfort food. I love everything about this savory, corned beef-and- rye bread sandwich except [...]

10 Ways to Spread the Peanut Butter Love!
By: Jodie - 10 March 2017 - 0 Comments

How to enjoy peanut butter without the jelly!  By: Jodie Shield, RDN March  is National Peanut Month – time to go nuts and spread the peanut butter love! Kids and adults love peanut butter, [...]

Let Them Eat Gumbo!
By: Jodie - 03 March 2017 - 0 Comments

New Orleans-style recipes with a healthy twist! By: Jodie Shield, RDN Who needs Fat Tuesday? Be a saint and enjoy some spicy, lean Mardi Gras cuisine. My guilt-free gumbo is sinfully delicious and only [...]

Can What You Eat Improve Your Tennis Game?
By: Jodie - 23 February 2017 - 0 Comments

Winning Tennis Nutrition is a must read book for all tennis players who want to play better and win more. By: Jodie Shield, MED, RDN Fellow tennis players: How would you like to raise [...]

Sangria Lite
By: Jodie - 17 February 2017 - 0 Comments

Chill out and sip a refreshing sangria! By: Jodie Shield, RDN Sangria lovers say good bye to sugary-sweet, calorie-laden mixes. Wait until you sip a chilled glass of my sangria lite! I use only [...]

The Truth About Fish Oil Supplements
By: Jodie - 10 February 2017 - 0 Comments

Reeling in The Facts on Fish Oil Supplements Guest Post By: Lisa Schrader, Dominican University Nutrition Student Does the recent debate on fish oil supplements have you feeling like a fish outa water? The [...]