Recipe Recipe By Healthy Eating For Families Start your party with these three super easy, tasty, and healthy recipes! By: Jodie Shield, RDN Looking for crowd-pleasing holiday brunch recipes? Here are my top three favorites because they’re super easy to make, tasty, and healthy! And if you’re a bacon lover but hate the mess, check out my perfectly cooked bacon recipe. Simply line a jellyroll pan with foil, bake in the oven as directed – perfect every time. Still need a few more holiday menu ideas? I’ve added all sorts of holiday recipes to my iTunes app Time to Eat Healthy. Buy one for yourself and order a few for your friends – I’m donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. Lean Eggs and Ham Casserole RESIZE Lean Eggs and Ham Everyday French Toast RESIZE french toast iStock_000002827279Medium Whole Wheat Waffles Delicious Belgian waffles garnished with fresh raspberries Perfectly Cooked (No-Mess) Bacon RESIZE No-Mess Bacon